Pelosi Sees Risks for Democrats Seeking Trump's Impeachment

Pelosi Sees Risks for Democrats Seeking Trump's Impeachment

Pelosi also recently reiterated that she will seek to become speaker again, despite the increasing number of Democrats running for office who say they wouldn't vote for her.

The California Democrat appeared to be referring to full-page ads the Oakland Raiders - whose founder and late owner Al Davis coined the famous phrase - football team has taken out to support the Golden State Warriors as they prepared for the National Basketball Association finals.

But Democrats need to win in red areas to take back the House, and her message seems to be significantly different than the one the candidates who will decide that desire.

"I believe at the end of this day, Nancy Pelosi will not be speaker, Republicans will keep the majority", McCarthy said, adding that "if you looked at the generic ballot earlier this year, yeah, if the election was in January they [Democrats] would've won. I don't take offense at that".

While some Democrats and liberal groups have said lawmakers should move to impeach the president if they gain control, Pelosi and other Democratic leaders have urged members to focus on policy issues such as affordable health care.

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She called on the House Ethics Committee to investigate and said the congressman "will fully cooperate".

McCarthy cited the GOP's sweeping overhaul of the US tax system, as well as other facets of positive economic growth as reasons why he believes the party needs to defeat Democratic opponents in the November midterm elections.

Asked about her plans should Democrats remain in the minority after the midterms, Pelosi didn't want to go there. "I have nine grandchildren", she said.

"I wish the elections were today", she said. "And you have to believe". Most any politician knows that when you are asked whether you want to "raise taxes", the next words out of your mouth probably shouldn't be "Yes". "But that didn't happen", she said.

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