Fitbit activates female health tracking on the Versa and Ionic

Fitbit activates female health tracking on the Versa and Ionic

Fitbit announced its new female health tracking feature alongside the Versa at an event back in March.

Fitbit has introduced new apps and clock faces to help users better manage their health directly from the wrist, the company said.

With the new feature, all Fitbit users age 13 and older will be able to log menstrual cycles, track symptoms, and receive notifications before the period start date.

The feature will be available to Android users at some point later this month.

As for female health tracking, the update will roll out on the Fitbit mobile app for all iOS and Windows users.

And it gets smarter as you log. Fitbit says it takes about two cycles for the app to really get to know your cycle to make more accurate predictions.

These new apps are available on all Fitbit platforms.

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Elsewhere the update also brings a number of Quick Replies to messages, but there's only five pre-written replies.

Fitbit is trying hard to be successful in the smartwatch market and the first step towards that goal is the improvement of its software platform. The first Fitbit wearables were originally released in May 2013. There, you can see where you are in your cycle, when your next period is expected and check your estimated fertile windows.

Default quick replies include: 'Yes, ' 'No, ' 'Sounds Good!,' 'Can't talk now - will reply later, ' and'Whats up?' You're also able to respond with a variety of emojis including the smiley face, crying with laughter face, running emoji, and more. In the future, Fitbit hopes to use all this menstrual data to offer insights about how sleep and exercise impact your period and vice versa. What's different here is being able to see that in relation to other metrics that Fitbit already tracks, like sleep, weight and activity trends. Users with Android apps will get the feature in a few weeks.

There'll also be user guidance for ovulation, fertility and tips to debunk common misconceptions.

Using the Fitbit app dashboard, users can also create custom replies.

Finally, Fitbit has also announced a slew of new apps and clock faces, with many of them centered around managing conditions like diabetes and some forms of cancer. Users will have access to apps like Walgreens which allows you to access the closest Walgreens pharmacy when you need to pick up a prescription, or Sickweather which is an app that scans social networks for illness around your area.

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