Letters: Help install life-saving alarms

Letters: Help install life-saving alarms

The New Orleans Fire Department has a free fire alarm installation program in collaboration with the American Red Cross.

Hundreds of Red Cross volunteers were sounding the alarm Saturday for fire safety. There are multiple ways you can help out, including donating to the "Sound the Alarm" campaign, starting a fundraiser to raise money for the cause, or even volunteering to install smoke alarms in your community.

The American Red Cross is working to save lives one smoke detector at a time.

About two-thirds of those happen because the homes don't have working smoke detectors.

"We install the smoke alarms, we also develop an evacuation plan with the family and we also talk about other risk and hazards", Chief Owens said.

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With the help of local fire departments volunteers canvassed the neighborhood in search of residents who many need alarms. Almost 900 lives could be saved each year if all homes had a working smoke alarm, officials said.

Anyone that needs a free smoke alarm can call the American Red Cross and someone will set up an appointment to come out and set it up. Last year they helped 265 families impacted by fire, and has already helped half that number so far this year.

100 cities across the nation are participating in their aim to replace 100,000 smoke alarms in total.

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