3D Touch not an option on the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone

3D Touch not an option on the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone

3D Touch has been a staple feature of iPhone screens ever since the iPhone 6S, but Apple may drop the technology for one of its devices later this year. It's a complex technology made of specialized sensors integrated into the iPhone's display that determines how hard a user is pressing.

The company is said to leave behind the particular display technology from its "affordable" 6.1-inch iPhone that is also rumoured to sport a LCD screen instead of OLED like the other two. So, for this expensive display upgrade, the company might ditch the 3D Touch feature in order to balance out the costs. The 6.1-inch LCD variant is also expected to use a Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) process which will be a lot thinner. Nothing much is known about the sensor other than it adding an extra 15% cost towards the display panel. In a new report, KGI's Ming-Chi Kuo is sharing a few more details for what to expect with the LCD model.

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The new display supposedly would increase the costs to in between 23 dollars and 26 dollars. For more rumours about what the next iPhone models might feature, check out Pocket-lint's round-up. In this case, however, it might not be that Apple's rivals were unable to copy 3D Touch, they simply may have realized that the technology isn't particularly useful. As reported, the 3D Touch elimination on this particular model may be just the beginning and by the starting of the year 2019, the functionality might be eliminated from all of the iPhone models. This makes sense as it would result in a stronger, more resistant screen that will not crack so easily.

"There are a lot of things that have to fall into place, but 3D Touch overall feels like one of those ideas that only Apple can push into the mainstream - if Samsung or Huawei had delivered a similar feature, it would nearly certainly be a gimmick".

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